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Grammy's Groupies MAIN - We got closed down!

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Hi all! Not getting updates so when I check in and see all the activity I spend tons of time catching up! LOL!

Firstly, I have to say, Colleen I have sent up prayers for your friend and her family. I have personal experience with Cancer Treatment Centers of America with my Dad and they rock. MD Anderson (the big guns) in Houston told my Dad to basically "go home and die" there was nothing they could do for him. I begged him to get a 2nd opinion and he went to the CTCA in Ok. City. They examined him and told him that he didn't have a death sentence, but rather an opportunity to get healthier. Sure enough, he's now 5 years out of treatment and no recurrence. They are IMHO, the best place in the world! Your friend is in great hands - both from the CTCA and God. I pray for her strength and healing.

Secondly...Oh My GOSH! Molly - I DID hear you all the way in Texas. Holy Moley girl, you and gluten are gonna go round and round until you get on the same team with your body and listen to what it wants. I know, honey...it sucks. But it is what it is. I have the same problem with sugar. Hurts and I've fought it tooth and nail. Only lost 17 lbs my 2nd round because of it.

But...I was writing am editorial on Faith last week and I came to the conclusion that raging against what is and trying to make our universe the way WE want it is a sure recipe for failure and frustration. When you're in a body of water and threatening to drown, what's the first thing they tell you to do? RELAX and let the water lift you up instead of pull you down with your struggles. That's what "go with the flow" means. So...go with your body's flow and you'll be surprised how you're lifted up.

There are ways to get flavors you want in your life, without sabotaging your hard work and your health. If you've not visited the spunkycoconut site, give it a look. She's got tons of GF recipes that you can try in p4 and some now. There are also so many awesome gluten free products out there that you can have. Will you ever have Pizza Hut again? I don't know. But maybe making GF recipes with your kids will not only be great for you, but create some family memories that they'll carry forward to their children.

That's just my thought...I could be wrong. I often am. :-D

As for your "friends" who bagged on HCG...humph. No one needs friends like that. And church people, huh? I'm sorry...but I have issues with people who use scripture to be judgmental and closed minded. Jesus was a pretty open minded man - by ancient standards He was a real rebel! So piffle on them. When people ask me how I've lost 40 lbs, I tell them - diet and exercise. Unless they need to lose too...then I release info on a need to know basis. LOL!

Tammye, love is in the air ♪ have a great time and a wonderful life together. 118 lbs! sigh...perhaps by the end of September. Thomy, yes I think we are similar in our goals. Seems like you're doing well this time? Zami, you really peaked my interest with the Dr. Oz show...I had to watch the whole thing on the internet.

BAH! 800.00 for 40 days! LOLOLOLOL...uh, try 100.00 And I thought, after listening to the lady who passed out - that her dose was totally wrong. Either her HCG was fake or she was dosing wrong. I'd think she'd be smart enough after a couple of days that she'd look into it instead of just getting worse and worse. But...this isn't for everyone. It's only, in my VERY humble opinion, for people who are willing to do the work to take charge of their weight loss.

Ok, for those who've lost...YAY! For those who are still struggling, know that it's temporary. You'll get where you need to be. BTW, smarty you look fabulous. I wouldn't change a thing! :-) Thanks for all the prayers for my Mom - they're keenly felt.

WOW rageing against what IS...... thats the story of me.

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