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Well, sunday I was a complete failure...well, not complete but i went over my calories and I had way too many breadsticks. I didn't lose any weight on sunday night but i didn't gain which is a plus. I think I redeemed myself today though, i do much better on work days i've found out. I haven't hit 400 calories today! yeah! Every hour I think i go through the "okay, i'm only going to do this for one more week" then i go "no, you can last the whole time!" then i think "Gawd! I miss cookie crisp and I would kill for a cheese-it!" Everytime I see a girl on tv in a small bikini and no cellulite I say "this is why you are doing it, to look like that!" I need to continue to tell myself I can do it. I've tried more recipes and i think that is helping. I'll be interested to see if I lose tonight because I had cottage cheese. Saturday at the bridal shower is going to be really hard- I really need to plan my food ahead of time so I don't give in to temptation. Uhhh but pigs in a blanket sound amazing! I think that doing HCG drops throughout the day is helpful as well. I'm just going to keep it on me at all times. I know I may run out early but that's okay, I think it's better to run out early and not cheat than to cheat but conserve them. I keep wondering when my body will stop burning fat...I really only have extra fat in my butt and thighs. or, that's what i like to think. writing all these thoughts down really helps me get through this. I hope my friend brandi does it, i think it would be hard but it would be great if she succeeded at losing weight. She'd feel so much better about herself. Well, I'm excited it's almost bedtime and I am not hungry and i'm done eatting for the night! YEah!!! i hope it starts getting easier...well, see! i just have to keep counting the days!

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