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Day 10, Turkey Chili Recipe inside!

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Today is my day 10 of VLCD, so far, pretty good!

Monday the 28th was week 1, down 6.8 lbs and 6.75 inches! I've lost an additional .8 lbs since then. Can't wait to try on a particular pair of jeans after I shower!

Struggled once or twice, but adjusted dosage of pellets, one less. It helped.

I even went to the gym today. I felt a little shaky at first, but made it through the 30 min routine. It just felt good to be moving.

One of my besties started on hcg as well, her first week of vlcd weigh-in is tomorrow. I know she's doing great. It's good to send text messages to encourage her (across state lines), or when I need encouragement.

My favorite 'go to' meal is turkey chili.

Brown up a lb of lean, ground turkey. Rinse and drain remaining grease. Dice and saute onion and garlic clove in Pam. Add turkey back to skillet. Add 1 large can diced tomatos, 1 can green chiles (mild for me), salt & pepper, and one can of water (from tomato can). Let simmer for a while. I store in 1 cup size containers and pull one out for a quick lunch or dinner.

When I am not rushed, I will take a whole wheat low-carb tortilla, (has @ 10carbs for whole tortilla at Trader Joe's) and cut it in half. I put one half back in the bag and slice up the other one with a pizza cutter. I bake that at @ 400 for a few minutes, till it gets crisp. Then I toss in my chili! Delicious! Let me know if you enjoy it!

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  1. Katdav's Avatar
    Chili was great!! Thanks, can you you tell me where you got your pellets. I would like to try them next time.

  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    yes sent me a private message on where you got you pellets