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Day 11

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I was down another .4 this morning, very grateful. Found myself unprepared last night, out running around and wouldn't be home for dinner. Only place around to stop was Carl's Jr... which I have never visited because I can't stand their commercials, lol. Anyway, I got the $6 Low Carb burger... wrapped in lettuce. It was the best choice on the menu.... googled it later. Over 500 calories. REALLY! Fora a stupid burger wrapped in lettuce? It was good though

Grilled chicken tonight on lettuce.

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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    Ha. The $6 low carb burger was part of my loading menu. It was delicious.

    All the fast food options are going to be high in cals, high in sodium. It's a shame that true healthy options are so hard to find!

    But sounds like you've recovered and are ready to gooooo!
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    when I have to eat at mcdonalds or somewhere like that.. i ask for a grilled chicken breast 90 calories and a side salad 20 with salsa 5 calories.. I am sure it is loaded with salt and who knows what else.
  3. Kecha's Avatar
    Glad you enjoyed it......yeah you're only option was the Black Cofee.....!!!