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Round 2

Experimenting with Cocoa Crack

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I think I've finally managed to get the ingredient ratios adjusted to my liking.

2 T unsweetened cocoa powder
2 T melted coconut oil
2 T powdered xylitol (I put granulated xylitol in my Magic Bullet with the flat blade for 10-15 seconds)
1/2 tsp vanilla

I whisk it all together in a little glass bowl and then pour it into candy molds I got at the local craft store.

I've been experimenting with add-ins. I'll place a tiny amount of finely ground Himalayan pink sea salt and freshly ground pepper in the bottom of the candy mold, then add the chocolate and sometimes stir it up with a toothpick. I've also added smoked paprika (just a pinch in each little mold depression), crumbled bacon, powdered peanut butter (not a fan), and chipotle powder - too hot! The salt & pepper is pretty good, and the paprika is my favorite.

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