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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

A Newbie's dance with Hcg

  1. Day 4 - Musings on Denial

    Weigh-in: 124
    I have to say I'm thrilled with the results. If you can get through a little hunger, this diet will work. It's not so much training me how to reduce the number of evil foods as it is teaching me how to live without them completely. This doesn't mean I'll give up things like ice ceream, etc., forever, but it does make dessert and other bad carbs the exception rather than the rule. An older Japanese woman of my acquaintance told me that she and her family had fruit for sweets ...
  2. Day 3 - There's No Place Like Loading, There's No Place Like Loading...

    Oh... my... gravy...

    I miss chocolate.

    If there was a single reason to do this diet, it's for the detox benefits of breaking an addiction to my lovely brown drug. Of course, there's *not* a single reason to do anything; my others are, in no particular order: getting into my Lucky jeans, being able to run without 10 extra pounds, looking better in a swimsuit, recovering a weight that had eluded me for 4 years, feeling like I'm in control of my intake and not the other ...
  3. Day 2 -- Loading (Boy, is this fun!)

    Weigh in: 126.6 (how did I lose almost a half pound stuffing my face? Dunno, don't care).

    If the rest of the diet is this easy, I think I might just disappear. Hamburgers, quiche, chicken cutlet... yum! For dinner -- sushi! Oh, I'm going to miss you... Loading when you have children is tricky. I feel like a closet eater: sneaking into the kitchen when they're outside to play, trying to justify the sudden appearance of brownies and pizza.

    I'm not sure how I'll ...
  4. Day 1 -- Loading

    June 27, 2011

    Pre-load weight:127

    Let me preface this by saying that I'm Italian. For those of you (if anyone is) reading this blog, who *are* Italian, you'll understand my obsession with food. Eat when you're tired, eat when you're bored, eat when you're sad, eat when you're pregnant and nauseous (then barf and eat again). I've loved food and had a love/hate relationship with it for most of my adult life. I usually eat really well: loads of organic, whole grain, ...
  5. Still Day One - loading

    Something I didn't realize about loading is that, no matter how private you wish the bacchanalian event to be, if there are kids in the house, you will be found out...

    "Wow! Brownies *and* ice cream *and* pizza *and* chicken Alfredo?!?!"

    Really loud... Right in the middle of the supermarket.