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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

A Newbie's dance with Hcg

  1. Afternoon Delight

    by , August 27th, 2011 at 04:07 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    no weigh-in today

    As someone who has cheated every single VLCD, I'm blaming my husband for my not losing much weight. For two very different reasons:

    First of all, he should know that I'm dieting --because I told him, not because men really notice these things, like a measly 5 lbs, or that you're only eating salad or constantly salivating over the kids' pasta, or weighing yourself hourly. Naturally, since I've announced I was going on a diet loads of ...

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    Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey