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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

That Cheatin' Heart

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On one hand I'm skeptical that Hcg can help me lose any weight at all. On the other hand is the realization that I've cheated every single VLCD... Every one. Who am i to judge a protocol i didn't *really* follow?
The worst has been these last few days when, in addition to other verboten items, I finished off a pint of chocolate ice cream and 3 double chocolate bars from Ikea... Well, don't wag your finger, it was TOM!

Ok - I don't know how to psych myself out of this slump other than by being competitive. (I'm a personality type 1 - The Perfectionist - sorry).

Ok, self... You were invited to a pool party next Sunday. By people who could best be described as nice but tepid friends. You don't want to walk around them in a bathing suit in anything less than your thinnest, do you?!? Hmm!?!

7 days to lose 5 pounds... Seems possible... That's almost 5% of your body weight... In a week... Can you do it?

Ideally Hcg would help with hunger pangs, but I have been fooling around with the doses to try to find the sweet amount that keeps me from ravenously scraping my kids' leftovers into my mouth...maybe I was expecting too much, but I don't feel that Hcg is a magic pill... At least not for me...

This is such an inane rant... Frustration reigns here... Happy losses to one and all. I hope to join you.

P.s. Has anyone had a colonic? I'm not especially regular...

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  1. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Colonics are a little taste of hell in the form of humiliation and torture. I know some people swear by them, and it was those people who convinced me I'd feel amazing afterward. What they didn't warn me of is what it would feel like during. Not for me and I wouldn't ever tell anyone to get one unless it's medically necessary.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You've been honest about cheating, so you know why you didn't loose. If you starve yourself for a week you can loose 5lbs, but is 5lbs going to make that big of a difference to "friends"? And where will this 5lbs come from? Maybe it'll come from your arms or your ankles...you don't get to choose where the weight loss comes from. And water weight can fluctuate up to 11lbs overnight, so just relax skinny-minnie and enjoy your pool party!

    The only reason a perfectionists doesn't succeed is because they haven't invested - maybe this program isn't something you can invest in and something else will work better. And with kids - seriously...how any parent can diet with kids around is beyond me. I get cravings for a bowl of capt'n crunch when I hear children playing outside! ha!ha!
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    I know, I'm crazy. These admissions are only possible with perfect strangers living in far-away places like Germany . These are really raw thoughts, and I have to say, that if someone said this to me, I'd tell her to get a grip and have a piece of cake... I mean really, people are dying around the world and you're worried about fitting back into your size 2 Lucky jeans slumping forlornly in the closet...

    I guess I tie too much of my worth in my body and my self image fluctuates with each pound lost or gained. You described this so eloquently in one of your blog posts. It could be, too, that California culture is so unforgiving of deviations from Barbie...

    The funny thing is that I'm the thinnest woman in my set of associates. If anyone could, it would be I who could sit back, have a hamburger (in the bun) and enjoy the pool party... I guess I truly feel that at this party, if I don't like them, at least I could out-thin them.

    I guess I'll skip the colonic...

    Updated August 15th, 2011 at 08:03 AM by MominCali