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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

A Chocolate a Day Stays on Your Hips

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Woe is me (shouldn't that be "I"? Nevermind). Poor little sick girl, with 2/3 of the children sick, trying to keep up with the housecleaning, laundry, making 2 batches of chicken soup and her video seminar. No running for 4 days and no weight training for a week. Those lucky Burka-clad saps in Afghanistan don't know suffering.

What would cheer her up, above anything else? That's right! The chocolate cake lurking in the freezer. Almost forgot about that, didn't you? Hmmm? Oh! And hubby offered to pick up some fro yo on the way home? And he had to stop by Ikea for cabinet hardware. And he always remembers how much you love those *huge* milk chocolate bars. We wouldn't want to disappoint him, eh? He usually brings 3!

Well, I can't fool mother nature, although I'd like to sit down and discuss why chocolate is obscenely caloric and celery isn't? Oh, well. Another week gone, another week with no loss (and even a little gain).

NOT going to get down about it.
NOT going to stress.

By now, all the chocolate cake is gone, and I handed 2 candy bars back to my husband and told him to take them to work. After all, there's another one in the cupboard...

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  1. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    Your post put the smile on my face. YOu are funny...and cute...I am just getting ready for all this, have no instructions, no idea how to do it. But my order is in the mail! Can't wait!
  2. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Love it!!! I decided that today was my last hcg day. I can't take it anymore. Of course I started a new one this morning and that was going to get me through next week and if I end now I'll have to do 3 rounds and not just 2 rounds. Well....I guess I'll see in the morning. I am vicariously enjoying the chocolate.
  3. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    Laurarosee, I am no expert (yet) at this diet, but I have been on quite a strict eating regime for the last 3 month, eating only veggies and fish, drinking crazy smoothies and stuff. So , what I am trying to say, is that I know a few things about hunger and restrictions. Here is what helped me. Drinking green tea, that I make several liters at the time. Also, Psyllium. It is a fiber, that expands in your stomach and gives you a feeling of full, has no calories. And it is allowed on this diet, I know that for sure. I hope this helps, and just make sure you don't quit. Just a little more and you will be done! I am here for you! Be strong, we can do this!
  4. MominCali's Avatar
    Do you mean Psyllium husks? In capsule form?
  5. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    Not necessary, the capsule form is more expensive. I just buy from the bulk food store, that way is cheaper, because in Canada Psyllium is quite expensive. Yes, I mean Psyllium husks. They are very good for you, try it.
  6. MominCali's Avatar
    I happened to have the capsules on hand... we'll see how effective they are...