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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

Day 8 (One Week Done on P2)

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I thought I was a genius for suggesting the Counter for dinner last night...
My no sugar/dairy or wheat daughter could get a burger in a bowl of organic greens, I'd order the side salad and take a piece of her burger, And the rest of the family could get what they wanted... Fries... Right in front of me...
I don't think that a handful of fries should have made me GAIN .5, but it did... Either that or I've clearly got more time to spend on the loo...
Well, all in all, a 3pm loss in a week isn't too bad. I expected better because I exercise, too.
One thing I know is that the little cheating has to stop, or else I'm sure I won't lose more, either. Breaking 122 will be hard - my body likes me right here...
Onward to week 2!

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