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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

The Numbers Game

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Weigh-in 123.6

My scale is torturing me. Not in a "Please-please-please-be-a-smaller-number" way, but in an inconsistent way. I would be happy if it just gave me an accurate number and then left me alone to deal with the aftermath (excuse the pun). Does anyone else have a scale that changes its mind?

Morning routine:
1. brush teeth/pee/check email on ipad (all at the same time)
2. weigh in: 124.1 (disbelief, steps back on scale)
3. weigh in #2 123.5
(Que? Gets back on scale)
4. weigh in #3 123.3
(ooh -- I like this one, can I keep it?)
5. weigh in #4 123.6
(am I gaining or losing weight from this back-and-forth thing?)
6. weigh in #5 123.3
(hey, that's twice -- now can I keep it?)
7. weigh in #6 123.5
(ok, that's it, I'm wearing away the stepping part of the scale, better stop this stupidity)
8. (maybe just one more)
weigh in #7 123.6
(ok, now I'm really done, because the sun is up and I need to take a run before the rest of my family wakes up...)

So, I just took a realistic number and used it for my Saturday weight... who knows how accurate it is...

What's a girl to do? I changed the batteries. It's a good scale (Weight Watcher's brand)... Maybe I need to just treat myself to a new scale -- any suggestions? Are there medical-grade accurate scales out there? Maybe at a medical supply store? I don't mind spending the $$$ because it's the one of the few things I use daily...


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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Splurge on the scale. Theres got to be good ones out there. Maybe I should have kept stepping on mine this morning..lol!!
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    Ok -- going scale shopping...
    With all the people so health-conscious out here, there should be no problem finding one with relative accuracy!
  3. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Digital scales are sensitive. If you read the instructions on "how to use"...and who does that except me?...but it says to step on gently and evenly and then don't move until the measurement has stabilized. It's a lot to remember first thing in the morning. I have a super fancy medical-grade scale and it does the same thing if I step onto it without doing so gingerly.

    Yeah..anyway...good job on the loss!