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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

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Day 2:
Weigh -in: 129

Oh... my... gravy...

I haven't seen that number in at least 2 years. 129? Really? Uggh... now I have at least 15 lbs to lose...

I feel sluggish and bloated and...(I can't believe I'm saying this) can't wait to diet...

If I lose weight as quickly as I hope (.5 / day? is that reasonable?), then I won't have to avoid people for more than 2 weeks.

Until then, it's mumu city...

(waddling away)

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  1. Wontonie's Avatar
    Hi MominCali! 0.5 per day is definitely achievable! I think that is my average loss overall! And with your height and weight, you're far from waddling!!!
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    Oh Watonie, you're so supportive! Sniff... Sniff... Thanks
    VLCD1 is tomorrow... Let's hope for no headaches...