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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See

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Weigh-in: 123.4

Ah ha! I should have known: crabby, bloated, voracious appetite, varicose veins throbbing...

Yes, it's TOM.

Well, that explains why I'm having trouble staying on protocol...
I'm disappointed it took me almost 9 days to lose almost 6 lbs (post-load weight 129; present weight 123.4). But what did I expect with all the cheating?


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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    MominCali you are doing great. Think about it, in less than 2 weeks you lost 6 pounds. Isn't that amazing. That would never happen on weight watchers. You go girl. BTW, you are only in the 120's? Do you even need to lose weight? How tall are you? The next 9 days are going to be even better b/c you will be on the good side of your cycle.
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    Like many people, I have a complicated weight history. I had been a size 6 most of my adult life (~130-135lbs), I worked out every day, thought I looked pretty good, and, although it would have been nice to be a size 4, I didn't stress over it and had my cake and ate it, too! BTW, I'm 5'5".

    5 years ago, when I moved to CA from NY, it was a difficult transition time for me in every way, I had trouble eating, and went from a post-partum 152 to 113 in 6 months. Although parts of my life were really miserable, I was now shopping for a size 1. It was strange, but I felt a sense of accomplishment and control over that one part of my life. Once my existence improved dramatically, this weight was difficult to maintain because I'm a foodie -- love all kinds of things, especially chocolate -- and California is a foodie paradise. I had never seen people so obsessed about food quality (not quantity) before! I really didn't want to gain the weight back, but was having fun experimenting with all the wonderful choices! Anyway, I gained some back (obviously), and I've felt like a failure for not being back to about 115, which is, for some reason, my magic number. After I turned 41 a few months ago, I decided I would try to get back to that weight if that's what made me happy. I was tired of hearing myself say, "If only I could get back to 115, I could wear those jeans, and that dress, and ...".

    So, here I am...

    Thank you so very much for your kind words. I've enjoyed your exchanges and found them really encouraging. I really think you're amazing; mom, lawyer, dieter... congratulations on your success, too! You're right, post-cycle is the easiest time to lose. I look forward to it!

    Until tomorrow...

  3. Laurarosee's Avatar
    I was curious how tall you were. Is everybody in California thin? Relatively speaking to NY? I am sure you are one hot momma!!!
  4. MominCali's Avatar
    LOL! For a 5'5" 41-yr old, I'm not too shabby -- I can clean up ok, but you'll usually find me in sweats (much to hubby's dismay) around the house. I told him if he wants me to look like June Cleaver, he needs to look like the guy from Mad Men... I'm also a bit of a vintage dress freak (love Etsy).

    No, not everyone in CA is thin; at least not everyone in San Fran is thin. Actually, between Berkeley and SF, I'd be happy if all the hippies bathed, forget being fit...
    What difference I *do* see, is that it's a lot like Europe in that there are some people who are overweight, but not many really obese people. Then again, most people work out or walk/bike a lot. Way more bike racks here. A lot more fake boobies, too... It's sort of making me nervous, because the last time I got below 120 my chest shrank, too...