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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

Protean Plan?

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How flexible should one be within this plan? I read with admiration the posts of those who go "rogue" and wonder how their losses are going. I know that calorie consumption and weight loss are unique to each individual; so how much of what others prescribe is helpful? Surely there are common denominators between all of us, or we wouldn't be here

Eschewing carbs has always been impossible for me. Apparently, adding too many of them during a reduction plan isn't wise, either, because I've gained .3. I could also be PMSing, or waiting for other, cathartic functions to take place. Either way, I'm wondering if the wisdom of others should affect my choices more. Perhaps I need to stick more closely to the protocol and avoid snacking on chips/popcorn during my kids' playdates. That's it! No more playdates until I lose these last 9 lbs...

Good grief, this feels like it's taking forever...

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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    I gain when I look at chips. And they have always been my favorite snack food. Honestly, they ruin the losses in P2. I've tried a small amount of dreamland pasta, only 5 digestible carbs Gained. Ate some, only some of the crunchy things on top of a McD's SW chicken salad. Gained. Had chicken and rice soup when I got sick on Sunday. Gained. I'll add them in slowly and carefully in P4 but sick of ruining good loss days on P2. Is there a snack that is protocol friendly for playdates? Sliced apples?
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    It does sound bad! By chips i mean homemade whole wheat pita chips with hummus. I'm not standing around flinging Pringles at them
    But yes, I should have eaten before the guests arrived (had to feed the adults, too) or serve everyone apples.

    But I'm sick of apples...