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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

The road not taken

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This morning I went for a 2 mile run. This time, I used a different route, one that I had used before, but that was not my part of my normal regime. I thought about a lot of things during that journey -- how much harder it is to exercise while dieting, how my aging body is responding slower to fitness efforts, how my footstrikes made a rhythm, how people should really pick up after their dogs, and, interestingly, how following through on a diet plan *is* the road not taken. What makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful reducers? Certainly not planning. Sales of diet regime manuals is sky-high, but we're still a nation of the obese. I'm not sure what factors are related to someone sticking to a diet plan, but I think camaraderie must be at the top of the list. A big part of my *not* giving up and just being content where I am is the accountability to total strangers trying to traverse their own forest of alimentary challenges.

While in the shower this AM, my 9 yr-old came into the bathroom (yes, there is no such thing as alone time for mommies) and exclaimed, "Daddy took us for a walk to Sweet Affaires Bakery and we got coconut muffins!" Salivating, I told her to serve themselves and then pack up whatever was left to give to Daddy to take to work... while that sounds noble, she forgot a piece of a muffin on the kitchen counter, which I quickly devoured, and then made myself a boiled egg for breakfast. This is what happens when your husband doesn't know that you're taking the road less traveled and are *serious* about getting back to your skinny jeans...

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Updated August 4th, 2011 at 10:13 AM by MominCali



  1. MaryContrary's Avatar
    lol I love your writing skills. Robert Frost, right? one of my fav's. I even have that engraved on a medallion hanging from my rearview mirror, but of course, it says "take the road less travelled" and on the back, "just don't get lost!" lol
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    Yes! Robert Frost. Sadly, I am ignorant of most of his other works as I majored in French Literature... I like your medallion's message, though... so true.
  3. Wontonie's Avatar
    Good morning MominCali! Although my fiance doesn't know I'm on this particular diet, he knows I am on a diet. And it helps, because he knows to help me avoid temptation. . . although I noticed it helps to say 'no' more often than not. Lol. It's hard, but I know you'll be successful!