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Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

Blognofna new Hcg user but veteran dieter

  1. The Balancing Act

    by , August 9th, 2011 at 09:02 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh-in: 123.5

    My regime wtih Hcg is in contrast to the adage "Less is more". For me, more is more. More than 500 calories, that is.

    The biggest mistake I made the first time I tried this diet was to use homeopathic Hhcg. Worthless stuff. Period. The second mistake I made was to stick to 500 calories and ignore my body's pleas for more food. Not only was that strategy ineffective and torturous, but it was completely wrong for me. Initially, ...
  2. Clandestine Calorie Counting

    by , August 8th, 2011 at 08:50 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh-in 124.5

    Yesterday there was no escaping having to take my drops near my husband. I was in a rush, he was reading the paper, so I breezed into the refrigerator, filled the syringe and dispensed sublingually, trying to appear like that was the most natural thing to do en route to religious services. He didn't question it -- the kids have been talking about my being on a diet, so he probably just figured it's someting I don't want to discuss.

    A ...
  3. The Prodigal Dieter

    by , August 7th, 2011 at 03:52 PM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh-in: 125

    Oh no... I knew from the first moment I laid eyes on the snacks it was going to be a bad calorie day.

    After the funeral, I went to the reception which had passed nibbles and desserts. After which my husband said he'd take us all out for Italian food -- isn't that great?! (Insert scream). All I wanted to do was try to mitigate the damage done at the reception and have a salad at home. But after co-mourning a lovely man, who lived life ...
  4. As apples of gold and silver carvings

    by , August 6th, 2011 at 11:51 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh -in: 124.5

    I'm starting to hate apples. They're not in season here in Northern CA, so the ones you find from Washington are substandard. They're boring and they're boring again and boring some more. One thing that frustrates me about this diet is the repetition. It is very difficult to eat out, too, as I discovered yesterday. As we were in the middle of some errands, hunger hit my brood and me like a truck; sudden and fierce. I chose the least of the culinary ...
  5. He taketh away and then He giveth back

    by , August 5th, 2011 at 08:35 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh-in: 124.7

    Yikes! I really thought a little cheating might not affect this diet so much. I mean, I've *got* to be burning an extra 300 calories a day from exercise! What's a boiled egg? Or a handful of pita chips? Or Japanese dressing? Or a half a muffin? Well, all those things are, apparently, .2 of a lb. Note to self: stick to protocol...

    Interestingly, I was thinking about motivation today. Why do people lose weight and why do they keep ...
  6. On your mark. Get set. Go!

    by , August 2nd, 2011 at 10:12 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    weigh-in: 127.6

    I guess yesterday was a fluke... Or constipation...but I'm back to almost starting weight. Guess I didn't really gain much at all.

    Had to have a hard-boiled egg (no yolk) this AM for breakfast. How does anyone only drink tea/coffee? With 3 kids, housing construction, and gearing up for the homeschool year, I cannot be grouchy and distracted!!!
    Plus, this is all a secret, so if I start fainting, my family might suspect something... ...
  7. Loading (Reloaded)

    by , August 1st, 2011 at 07:00 PM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Day 2:
    Weigh -in: 129

    Oh... my... gravy...

    I haven't seen that number in at least 2 years. 129? Really? Uggh... now I have at least 15 lbs to lose...

    I feel sluggish and bloated and...(I can't believe I'm saying this) can't wait to diet...

    If I lose weight as quickly as I hope (.5 / day? is that reasonable?), then I won't have to avoid people for more than 2 weeks.

    Until then, it's mumu city...
  8. What was once old is new again

    Day 1 - Loading
    Weight 127.7

    So, after a disastrous attempt at an Hcg diet with homeopathic drops, dropping the protocol completely, going back to carbs, and gaining back (plus!), I've decided to give Rx a try...
    Not that this is easy, either. I don't understand why it's so complicated to combine 10ml of fluid with freeze-dried hcg, put it into an amber bottle and then give yourself a dose (I'm trying 250, because I don't want to mess with hunger)... I got drips from ...

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    Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey
  9. I Fought the County Fair and the Fair Won

    Day 7
    Weigh in: 123.6

    I really had the best of intentions when we arrived at the fair, but the choices being the typical "fry everything and load it with grease" meals, I just did my best and shared a turkey leg with my daughter. And sample the curly fries. And munch on popcorn. And drink a Margarita. (That one wasn't my fault, my husband surprised me with it, not knowing I am working with only 500 calories... 2/3 of which had already been eaten... ).
  10. The Good the Bad and the Ugly... (possible TMI alert)

    Day 6
    Weigh in: 123.4

    The Good: I was able to do my long run (4 miles) this morning with no problems (this is probably due to "the bad" -- see below)

    The Bad: I haven't lost anything since yesterday; this could be because I sampled my kid's spinach pasta (hey, I'm Italian, I make a good gravy!), *and* I totally caved and had a cappucino-cup full of mint choc.chip ice cream... feel guilty...

    The Ugly: I think I might lose something ...
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