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My scale broke, now what?

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Traveling home, my scale broke. I am in day 4 of phase 3 of my first round. I lost 2 lbs after last injection day and have floated there for 3 days. However I ate out for first time, and cheated a little and gained 2 lbs, so technically within a .5 lb of my last day of injection. BUT was good yesterday and NOW my scale is broken due to travel...sending hubby for new one, but now how do I know what I weigh???.....can't weigh hubby because we just came back from vacation and I know he weighs more b/c I can see it o him....help

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  1. LovelyStacy5456's Avatar
    With no scale it's hard to tell, but if you're super worried... Do a clean day today until you can get a scale, hopefully by tomorrow. A clean day is having P2 foods but a lot more of them.