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Crap...I cheated...

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So day 6 on VLCD and I caved. You think this would be a depressing moment, which it of course is, but could there be a silver lining??? Well, in fact, there was. In the past if I would give into temptation it would be a doozy. Last night, I totally got in the mindset to cheat. We were out of town shopping, I was starving (I hadn't even eaten lunch and it was 6pm), the kids were hungry, and my usually strong husband was even ready to binge. So there was the perfect storm to down 10,000 calories in one seating, right? Well, not this time.

We drove around for awhile, fantasizing about what we were gonna eat (so sad that food has this much status). Finally, we decided on our favorite pizza place that is only in this city. We got inside, and the guilt hit me. I did not order a pop (my BIGGEST weakness) instead got water, that part was easy, but then came the menu. OMG pizza, fried pasta, calzones, you could feast in this place. In the bottom corner I saw Gluten Free pizza. I asked my husband if he would eat on with me, and he agreed (I think the guilt was hitting him too). We got a gluten free garlic pizza, no pop, no salad. The pizza was fabulous. We each had three small pieces. Then my cheat was over. Did I go above calories? I am sure of it. Was I off protocal? Absolutely. I am I kind of proud of myself? Yep.

In the past if I would have given myself permission to cheat or overeat it would have been a sight. My husband and I would have both gotten huge pops, salads loaded with dressing, maybe an appetizer, and a regular LARGE pizza with double cheese and tons of pepperoni. I would have ate till I felt horrible. Last night, I went against my plan, but I also had a big success. I ate at a great restaurant. Had enough to satisfy a craving, and did not over do it. I have given myself hope for when the drops are done and we are on our own.

So, today, I am back on track. Lost a pound this morning. My total for my 7 days is now up to 16lbs! That is awesome. I am ready for this week and to stay on track!

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    its all about mental success and having control over things, and I thin kyou did great compared to how you would have handled it beore. I have felt the same way and its funny on this doet an extra bite of chicken is a "cheat" when were used to a huge all out eat fest being a cheat. This diet is about teaching control and if you controled yourself and didnt go of the deep end, that is a success. Congrats.
  2. knute9's Avatar
    I appreciated your post this morning. I had a similar night and have been trying to hold on to a similar perspective. I think the hardest, and most important part is staying compassionate and kind to myself through these days. Today's a new one and I am excited about it! Thanks for sharing!
  3. MaryContrary's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I had a day like that on Saturday when we had company in the afternoon. Ate lots of this munchy mix stuff. Then, we went to the drivein and it was so easy to get popcorn.. ya know--cause I'd already screwed up THAT day anyway!
    way to go --you cheated but at least had some control over it....
  4. marylee70's Avatar
    You owned it! That is huge. And now you are moving forward. Thank you for keeping it real, lady.
  5. Jules0607's Avatar
    Great post! I like that you managed to still control yourself. As you and another person pointed out, normally you would have gone all out. I've had a cheat as well, but it wasn't all out. I ate salad dressing on my salad. Not something I want to repeat. I think I will call them "controlled cheats". Nice job.