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Back for R2

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Very excited to be back for R2!

R1 I lost 20 lbs, then gained back 4 to end at a 16lb loss in 23 days. I was very unhappy with my ending, but I knew my heart was not in it anymore. This time, I hope, I have a new attitude that will carry me through.

During my weeks off, I really tried to walk 3 miles a day. I actually lost pretty well. I had myself down 25lbs. Last week there was a sudden death in the family (which always translates in my book into massive eating) and with the load days I am really up! So I start at being down 19lbs from day one. Which is still starting me out 19lbs ahead of where I was before, so that is a positive.

This time, I am planning on only going 23 days. I think that takes a ton of pressure off. I can totally do 23 days. Last time I had myself convinced anything under 40 would be a failure. Total attitude and motivation killer. So I plan on 23 will do more if I can.
No pressure.

So here is to round 2 and never, ever, ever, ever having a #2 be the beginning number of my weight again!

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  1. Cassanina's Avatar
    You can do it! Good luck!