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I need to vent about ignorance...

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Wow! People are rude to you when you are fat, and rude to you when you lose weight...ugh! So, my husband is rocking hcg, seriously, he is awesome. If you would see this man he looks 10 years younger and I know he is turning heads. HE IS HOT! I love it! I have always loved him and always thought he was gorgeous, but now I see the hotness I fell in love with. He is not boastful about it, in fact, he is almost shy (very unlike him) about the attention. He is very honest and tells people exactly what we are doing and how we found out about it (through a surgeon he knows who is doing it too).

So where is the problem? I just found out that some business associates were completely running him and his awesome achievments down. This totally should not bother me, I know, but it does. They told a friend of ours how their dr. said it is going to ruin his heart and he will gain back double when he quits.

This is our second round. On maintence I lost an additional 7 and he lost an additional 5. We fully realize the phase 2 is not permanent and if you go back to your same old way of life, you will get that same old body back. That is with any diet. Heck, that is with anything in life period. This is a means to an end for us. This is our way to get this weight off. We then have to find a way to keep it off, duh

I know many of us on this diet do not tell anyone about it for fear of the almost certain criticism that will follow. Well, here is to ignorance...and how freakin' awesome I plan to look in a bikini next summer, and how much better I will feel walking my kids around in Disneyland in a couple months at least 30lbs lighter!

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    Congrats to you both! Don't let them get you down, people like to hate when people succeed at things they fail at. I'm sure these other guys are just the picture of health too,lol. As hard as it is for women..at least its normal for us to be on diets and worry about weight. Guys get crap about it as if its not masculine to worry about their weight. They drink beer and eat wings and its what they do. So I can only imagine how hard it is for them. Tell him to keep up the good work and just focus on you guys and your reasoning for doing this. They can eat their words when hes in p4 and can treat himself occassionally and know how to maintain this for life.
  2. Mizz_Russia's Avatar
    I got the same criticism the first day that I started on the diet. One person said that this diet will make me gain more back than I was. Another person said stop doing all these supplements and just eat healthy and exercise... totally put me down. I didn't let it get to me and now I am happy that I am on day 8 and lost 9lbs.