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Down 4.4 lbs

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Monday was my first day on VLCD woke up the next morning with a 0 lost. I realized I hadn't drank water so Tuesday I drank 3 liters this morning down 4.4 lbs

I understood I had to drink water and lots of it but since HCG drops completely took my appetite away I forgot to drink is so with this said I will not forget again.

Started weight 175lbs two rounds down to 135lbs. I gained in my loading 5 lbs starting at 140lbs my goal weight is to be 128 I have 19 day to go! I can do it I just don't know if I have that much abnormal fat available

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  1. Dandan26's Avatar
    wow that's nice weight lost there on the 2 rounds! so it's your 3rd round now? all the best!
    haha it's so hard for me to chuck my water down too. And it was the first time i drank water till i pretty much got sick of the taste while in P2 ..and crave for some orange juice so bad!
    But it's much better now in P3..can drink more of it...but sometimes i still tend to forget to drink 2 liters a day..
  2. MeganP's Avatar
    Haha i know how you feel about the water ! i drank alot yesterday and was down 3.00 lbs this morning! Congrats on doing so well thats incredible !
  3. Kellep's Avatar
    Yes I find the more water I drink the more weight I lose. Have to have the water to flush out the fat, otherwise it has no where to go.