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R3p2 day 6 with a 2 lbs loss

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Good Morning and happy Friday to all, today gives me a 6.8 total loss.

this weekend is my daughters baby shower given by the inlaws I know I have to go to it she's My daughter ouch at a resturant and Italian food what in the world will I eat..... I quess I will eat prior to going and play with my food on the plate..... its all pasta!

day 1 loaded big time
day 2 loaded the same
day 3 0 lost didnt have water so i drank lots of it the following day
day 4. 4.4lbs loss awesome
day 5. .4 ounces
day 6. 2. lbs loss
I have 17 days left and 6 pounds to lose I hope they are willing to come off.

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  1. MeganP's Avatar
    Maybe theyll have chicken? the really fancy place here has chicken haha
  2. iambeliever's Avatar
    Do not eat anything. Eat before you leave the house and just tell everyone you are not hungry - you have a stomach bug otherwise, you will keep getting questions about why arent you eating your food. Trust me I went through it at a work function and it was just awful. Good Luck.
  3. iambeliever's Avatar