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Blabber Mouth

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I have almost been on the diet for two weeks and it has gone pretty good. I had a slip-up during the first week I think which caused me to stall. However I kept going and realized that the small cheat was nothing more than a defeat. Anyways I have noticed small things like my clothes that were über tight are saggy now...I have released about 11pds in 12 days. I feel great and can't wait for the next 28 days to be over I also don't consume a gallon of water a day. I think I drink one cup why of the gallon.

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  1. monroeee's Avatar
    One cup shy of the required gallon.
  2. AimMee's Avatar
    Good job!!! Doesn't it feel great?

    I wouldn't worry about the gallon - protocol actually recommends 2L.
  3. monroeee's Avatar
    Oh wow I think I drinking a little more than that.

    And YESSSS! I Feel great. I have actually began to reflect on my past sedentary lifestyle and how unhealthy it was.