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Down another pound. Core noticeably more defined, as is face. Tomatoes posed no problems, so attempted mixing with onions for lunch.

I was experiencing more hunger than what SO said was normal yesterday, and him being in the same boat the day before, took a day of not dosing. I am presently doing the same and halfway through the day without a dose. Noticeable difference. Less to nonexistent hunger.

I hit the Wall though. As in, I feel utterly crappy. No energy. Exhausted. The <mile walk uphill this morning was brutal. Along with finishing grad school and crashing from that, I just want to be in bed, sleeping or doing artsy things.

Positives: Slim Rice did not affect me negatively yesterday. Hunger is minimal to nonexistent. Thyroid seems to be functioning just fine without AT. Seeing a noticeable difference. Feeling more confident.

Deltas: The Dreaded Wall of Crappiness. Lightheaded and tunnel vision this morning (fixed with a few bites of apple and quinoa breakfast bowl). Slight constipation.

I am very glad my SO and I are doing this together. It helps knowing someone you love knows exactly how youíre feeling and is there to support you.

Should the dose be the reason my hunger was so present, Iím going to resume my rogue tendencies (not particularly rogue today except for quinoa and tomato-onion mixing for lunch, which has been nothing but helpful). SO went to the local health food store and was able to find dairy free milk (almond) with little to no fat or carbs, and no added sugar. I want to try that tomorrow, and have a partial serving in my morning coffee.

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