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No loss?

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Yesterday I only lost .2 today nothing. I don't get it. I'm not going to let it get to me because my yoga pants fit a lot better today. There is usually a band that digs into means its not so that's good. I have had to large bm. Fingers crossed for big drop tomarrow. I am doing body flow I would rather be a toned 145 then a flabby 135. We will see. Positive thoughts. Oh also I dreamed last night I ate a cheeseburger and was so ad at myself when I woke up. Good thing it was a dream.

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  1. monroeee's Avatar
    I hate the food dreams lol, oddly enough I haven't had one in a few days. Good luck!
  2. AimMee's Avatar
    Congrats on the pants not being so snug! Sometimes your body has to catch up with itself and you won't see a drop on the scale every day. But, like you noticed, you can still tell when you take measurements and see how your clothes fit! That's a big plus. Besides, everyone's body works differently. For me? After the initial whoosh of losing 7 or 8lbs right after loading, I only lose once every 3-4 days after that for basically the rest of the round. I don't love it, but it is what it is.

    Isn't it wild, having dreams like that?? I never in my life had a dream about food until I did this protocol. It's so weird!
  3. Annie226's Avatar
    Downward on the scales, or Stablizing is always good!! Fabulous on the loose yoga pants. Hang in there, hope today is much with your loss!!!
  4. 2014nycme's Avatar
    One thing I learned... even on stalls... check your measurements (assuming you measured in the beginning). Often times you are losing inches during a stall if all food/water/dose has not changed!
  5. 2014nycme's Avatar
    Oh... also... on the 'flabby' lower weight... there is this 'mushy' phenomenon that I remember having. I would wake up and SWEAR all my fat had turned to water. It looked funny in the mirror... it moved like a wave when I walked... and then I would have a whoosh of weight loss and all would look normal again. I remember an article I had about this... if I can find it I will post it into my blog!