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Phase 3 on 3rd day

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So far I am staying at 149 last injection weight. Phase 3 is tricky because I am eating more salt my body is getting more food. I had absolutely no constipation on phase 2 but my body is having a hard time letting go in phase 3. I drank s,oath move tea last night and I don't feel so good today and really didn't sleep well. That tea is hit or miss. I am going to excercise today at lunch and then Zumba tonight. I really want to treat myself to a glass of wine. But I have to earn it. I think that's going to be a good way of thinking for me. I hope everyone is doing great.

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  1. Ellyn's Avatar
    According to R2 daughter, P3 is indeed tricky. It's all about learning what your body likes, dislikes, food sensitivities and tolerances. It's a balancing act. You might consider doing a food journey so you can look back and see what you ate. You also might add in some magnesium for the constipation. Start low, build slowly until successful. That's what we are doing. It looks like you did great in P2 and I'm sure you will make many discoveries in P3. Be sure to share them with us who are still in P2