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First week of phase 3 done!! Woohoo!

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First week of phase 3 was hard. Had a bad night and drank way to much wine and ate way to late. I gained 6 pounds in 2 days. That was so upsetting. I did a steak day and a fjff day. Got down 4 pounds. So not so bad. Staying at liw. I wish I would have stayed at the 2 pounds below but I'm happy. I am loving my yogurt and eggs avocado cheese and meet. I am celebrating my week with a glass of wine. I did t25 today no problem. It's amazing how much 30 pounds makes such a huge difference. I will work out again tomorrow and I will drink my wine. I miss it so much. I do not miss the carbs but I do miss wine. I am going to try nuts soon. I pray I will not gain I love nuts and I have so many low carb recipes with almond flour. I make coco crack but add 2 tablespoons of shredded coconut. I have do e this many times. This time I feel so good and I love my body. I will not gain the weight back it's not worth it. Food is not worth it. Always say that to yourself. Food is. It worth it. It is so easy to gain but so hard to loose!!!! I love this site. Keep on loosing!!!!

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  1. lpr11354's Avatar
    Well so i cheated i went to superbowl of hardcore at webster hall for like the 2 day event gotta green tea it up and like 2 day correction so much beer and food .. im gunna try that fage yogurt tip ty so much im so ready to start another round soon ! Im looking forward to it