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Feeling a bit frustrated with slow weight loss

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Today marks day 19 and I am down only 5.4 lbs. I am feeling a bit frustrated and not sure how to get the weight off a little faster. I am only 5'1" and started off at 130.8lbs. I know I don't have a lot to loose but for my height I was over weight. My goal is 115lbs, I would even do 120lbs. I am doing the injections and following everything as I should. I am eating 800 calories a day as per my doctor. Any suggestions as to how to get things moving a little more quickly?

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    Hi, have you gotten any resolution to your issue? Generally, posting in the forums will get you a quick response.

    You may not be losing well because you are eating too many calories (500 is the limit according to the protocol). But it could be other reasons as well.
  2. Chickpea's Avatar
    Iím in the same boat. Iím on VLCD24 and have only lost 9.5 pounds, which is a .39 pound daily average (under average). I am really disappointed with these numbers, and have more like 20 pounds to lose! A couple things that I know effected me:
    -My TOM popped up unexpectedly mid round (I had just finished it before starting the HCG so wasnít expecting this. I think the HCG Made it come early)
    -Iíve had three work events that included luncheons. Where everyone around me was ordering food, I felt awkward not eating and didnít want there to be any weird ramifications between myself and the office staff along the lines of, ďsheís weird about foodĒ or ďwe never see her eatĒ or even worse, ďshe wonít eat the food we will so she thinks sheís better than usĒ. Those are all just clearly in my head but they are things I thought of, none the less. Each time I went out, I ordered and ate on protocol but canít guarantee that oils were not used, so those days set me back.
    -I was recommended by NuImage medical to cut out all salt. I saw my only real losses by doing this, but I donít find it AT ALL satisfying and I worried I would binge on something bad or even the fruit, so I worked salt back in. Not seeing losses so itís nkt helping.
    -and finally, cheats. They have happened. One day I had a bite of sugar free vegan ice cream, one day I had a Russellís Stovers brand sugar free chocolate (yes I had a small, small amount but on this diet that can stall you. So not worth it!) And lastly, I found that a Melba toast replacement that I had been using had quite a few more carbs than I had originally thought (I donít know how I had made that mistake) and I had used it for several days.

    So, there you have it. Every day HAS to be POP otherwise you will stall, your losses average out to be lower and you become disappointed. I do feel like Iím just now coming out of my looooong plateau, and hoping I am just someone who has long stalls like Grammy and that Iíve done everything I can to correct the issue.

    My advice, although Iím not really qualified to give any 😬, is this:
    -stay away from salting food for a day and see how you feel, drink lots of water and youíll see a loss
    -stick POP (its the only sure-fire way to know your body is losing fat)
    -keep measuring when stalled or plateaud (I didnít lose inches while on my long stall, but I guess some people do). This can encourage you.
    -make sure none of your drinks contain excess sodium (discovered my sparking water ďtreatsĒ did).
    -do a salt water bath soak, it relieves stress and will make you lose a little water retention
    -DO NOT EAT OUT under any circumstance if at all possible!!! One Work lunch is not worth three days or stalls. So, donít do what I did. Be polite, order coffee or tea and make something up that feels right to you- like, ďoh I forgot we were doing this until today and I prepared a lunch alreadyĒ or whatever you think is reasonable.
    -double check your dosing by usomg the forum. My dose was too high in the beginning and it SUCKED. I slowly had to lower to find a place that worked for me.

    My final advice would be to stay away sugar free and stevia based products, even zero cal. I find that until I get a better handle on my sweet tooth these items arenít helpful. Baked apples with a dash of cinnamon or unsweetened pumpkin pie seasoning is just going to have to be enough for me right now!

    Keep going and just DONT QUIT! You can do this and I know youíll lose all the weight! Slow and steady wins the race 😊
  3. lovelyladyhcg's Avatar
    The HCG 2.0 (800-calories per day version) works for some, but not for all. I see much greater success with those who stick to the 500 calories per day and follow the original protocol by Dr. S.