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Day to Day Journey

A daily record of my progress in my hcg diet program.

  1. R2 Ph2 HCG day 5, vlcd 3

    Well, I am off.
    This time around I gained soooo much on my load days that I am running hard to stay in place. I started at 164 then after 2 load days went up to 171.4. Talk about feeling bloated. Am doing shots this time. I think it will take a bit to get into the swing of things with the shots. When to increase or decrease based on when and type of hungar. But this will be a positive experience also.

    Updated May 24th, 2012 at 04:40 PM by mrsmoogers

    Day to Day Journey
  2. I have no idea where I am at...

    You know, I finished my phases and am in phase 4 of round 1. I am at the end of the phase. I was doing great. Ate a lot of "good" fat along the way--avacado, cottage cheese, olive oil, real butter, yada yada yada. I even lost another pound for a total of 18 or 19 when the whole bottom fell out of my life. I had to euthanize my oldest and dearest friend, Mr Atticus, my long time companion cat. Then my friend up the street commited suicide. My dog is not doing so well--he is also ...
  3. Yikes! hcg day 19 vlcd day 17

    Have not been around to post which I am sure broke you hearts but I am ba-a-a-a-a-ck. In the last 3 days have lost a total of 2.2 lbs, 1.6 of it this AM so I am not such a drudge this morning.

    You know that peanut butter with chocolate spread is popping up everywhere I go. I went in to our local grocery store to get spinach, and of course I always look at the honey and the peanut butter aisles. There it was, taunting me to buy some, but I was strong. I was very strong. I took ...
  4. Hcg day 16, vlcd 14

    All in all, not too bad today. Lost .8 so am almost back where I was before the orgy with peanut butter. Could not come any earlier today because my little 12 yr old mini dachshund had a vet appt. I rescued him and apparently, he had a history of seizures--not many, not often and not too bad. But lately, he has been having more and more little "zone out" periods. So I had to take him in. They ran some blood work and decided that since they have been happening more frequently of late, ...
  5. Oh the shame! hcg day 15, not so much vlcd 13

    I fell and I fell hard. The uncontrolable urge for peanut butter and
    chocolate got the betterof me.

    Hmmm.* If hcg is a pregnancy hormone, I plead the part of pregnancy where you have cravings for certain things. Crime does not pay, though, because last night I felt literally nauseated after my "feast" and this morning I feel bloated like a darigible. And of course the scale showed a gain of 1.3. Oh the shame!
  6. This certainly IS the jouney of a lifetime. hcg day 14, vlcd day 12

    Down .4 lbs today. Sometimes I gotta wonder. When I fugure it all out, I have lost at least .5 lbs a day from load weight which was only .8 more than start weight. I thought it was 1.4 gain but was wrong. So I guess I am not doing too bad. I think that when I see other people losing 2 and 3 pounds at a whack, I get a bit--no I get REALLY jealous. Childish for an old lady, but there you go. I am still just a kid at heart.

    Maybe the meds I am on are slowing it down ...
  7. This diet is driving me insane!! Hcg day 13, vlcd 11

    Okay, yesterday I read an answer that Grammy gave to another person experiencing similar concerns as mine. She said up the rpotein by 100 calories, ditch one fruit and the Grissini. So I did that. Today I lost .6. Well, today I just skipped a fruit and upped my veggie to make up calories. Drink, drink, drink. I'm stumbling around blind. I asked a couple questions of Ask Grammy, but she seems to have overlooked my post and questions. So I will keep on keeping on and go back on strict ...
  8. Hcg day 12, vlcd 10---Sad, so sad.

    What can I say? Nothing, nada, zip loss.
  9. Eureka? Hcg day 11, vlce day 9

    I feel a bit better this morning. I lost 1.8 lbs which is a whole lot better than nothing. It's not 2+ but it ain't zero either, so I am more content today.
    Everyone has been so helpful with suggestions and I am keeping them all in the front of my mind for the rest of this ordeal. Ahh! Maybe in the next world, overweight and obese will be popular, Rubinesque, so to speak, and we will all be overjoyed with life instead of worrying about how much weight can be lost in a day.
  10. SIGH! :( real rx hcg day 10, vlcd day 8

    You know, I asked the question on one of the forum threads of one of the senior members or a moderator, can't remember which, but I was concerned about not reaching 500 calories a meal and wondered what to do? should I increase the vegetable I am using in the meal to make up the difference? I was told that they do not make up anything as long as one is eating the protocol foods as indicated. They also indicated it was most important to get in the protein. So, I have not, on calculating my meals, ...
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