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I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

Hcg day 16, vlcd 14

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All in all, not too bad today. Lost .8 so am almost back where I was before the orgy with peanut butter. Could not come any earlier today because my little 12 yr old mini dachshund had a vet appt. I rescued him and apparently, he had a history of seizures--not many, not often and not too bad. But lately, he has been having more and more little "zone out" periods. So I had to take him in. They ran some blood work and decided that since they have been happening more frequently of late, that it was time to start him on medications. The vet is not close, downtown to be exact and the first lady was in town for a talk so traffic was a beast.

Hopefully, tomorrow will see a return to normal and then some with my diet. I do wonder, though, what I will do for my next round if am unable to get any more hcg. I am certainly not wealthy enough to go to a clinic doctor.

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  1. hopdog's Avatar
    OMG you just made my day and made me laugh out loud which I have not done in a LONG time! "Orgy" with peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!