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My HCG 40 Day Journey

2 Week Update:) with pics!

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R1P2VLCD1: 190.4
R1P2VLCD2: 188.4 (-2.0)!!
R1P2VLCD3: 187.2 (-1.2)
R1P2VLCD4: 186.6 (-.6)
R1P2VLCD5: 185.2 (-1.4)
R1P2VLCD6: 184.2 (-1.0)
R1P2VLCD7 183.0 (-1.2)
R1P2VLCD8 182.8 (-.2)
R1P2VLCD9 180.8 (-2.0)
R1P2VLCD10 179.6 (-1.2)
R1P2VLCD11 180.0 (+.4)
R1P2VLCD12 178.4 (-1.6)
R1P2VLCD13 177.2 (-1.2)
R1P2VLCD14 177.6 (+.4)
R1P2VLCD15 178.0 (+.4)
Hello HCG World!
Just wanted to give you a 2 week update. So far this journey has not been great. week 2 was not as great as week 1. I only loss 4.8 pounds but im not complaining. My biggest goal now is to just get out of the 70's then i think i can go into P3. I have lost roughly around 13 pounds and i can finally see the difference. I went shopping the other day and i fit into a size 14 shorts! They were really snug but they fit I usually get size 18. Ive also lost 16.26 inches off my body! It is true that even is the scale is not moving much you are still losing inches. Inches you] can see, pounds you can't. I can actually do that thing where you try on your old jeans and u can stretch it out so there's space lol I dont think im to the point to where i have to get new clothes, things just fit better and looser now, but im sure getting there. I think in another 2 weeks i will be there. I do have an before and after pic that i will show you guys. My mom even sees the difference in my face, she said i look paler? which is odd..ill take it as a compliment. I can't wait for P3 so i can really start living more of life and adjusting. Dont mind my hideous outfit in the after pic, i would never wear that in public!
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Updated July 15th, 2013 at 09:07 AM by MsMinnesota2012

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  1. maggiep's Avatar
    You can tell there's a difference, it's awesome!
  2. scalephobia's Avatar
    Wow - Minnesota, you look great. Great losses also!