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My HCG 40 Day Journey

Hello HCG world,
I cannot wait to start the HCG diet. I am 5' 1/2 inches tall and weigh 191.4. I am a 19 year old college student and i want a new slimmer and healthier me for my sophomore year.

  1. UPDATE! 2 months after HCG diet with PICS!

    Hello HCG world!,
    It has been two months since i have been off the HCG and everything is going great! I ended at 168.2 and now i am 165.6. Everyone noticed the dramatic change in my appearance too. I never gained any of the weight back! College has been great so far. At first it was hard to transition to regular eating habits but i got the hang of it. My lifestyle now is so different from my lifestyle freshmen year of college. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and i dont drink ...
  2. Finally hit my goal! The 60's

    Hello HCG World!
    I finally hit the 60 range! this is the goal that i set in July. I have officially lost 21.2 pounds. It feels great. My current weight is 169.2 but i would be really happy if i finished in the low 60's. I have 8 more days left of P2 so idk but ill sure try! I can't wait to go back to college with the newer me! My friends haven't seen me in 3 months so i hope they notice a difference! Do you think people will notice a difference? I was at my heaviest at the end of college. ...
  3. This round is going great so far!

    Hello HCG World!
    This round is going so good so far. My hunger is much lower than the other round! I am so close to that 20 pound mark i can taste it! I can finally see results now and other people are noticing too! I just have a quick technical question. So yesterday i weighed 172.0 and i got on the scale at 4 am and it said i was 171.2. But then i got on it at 10 am and it read 169.8! So which one is right? I usually don't weigh myself at 4 am everyday but i just couldn't resist! I usually ...
  4. 1.4 loss today 16.2 so far

    Hello HCG world
    I have officially lost 16.2 pounds so far My goal was to lose at least 20 pounds on this diet so i think ill be there by next week. Im going back to college in about 2 and a half weeks so i want to loose as much as possible. I cant wait to see if people notice a difference hence that they haven't seen me in 3 months!
  5. Stacy you were right! 1.2 loss today

    Hello HCG World!
    I was recommended to take out my cardio exercise by LovelyStacy5456 and it worked.
    I loss 1.2 today! I will no longer be doing the cardio. I'm kinda mad at myself because i could of realized this earlier and could be losing more . But never late than never!
    Also, one of my coworkers noticed that i have loss weight! This is exactly what i wanted and it gives me the motivation to keep going
    Thanks Stacy!
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  6. VLCD 3 Stalled :( 176.6

    So yesterday i stayed on protocol but i remained the same weight
    I even did 40 minutes of Jillian Michael's cardio
    And i woke up to TOM ;( Im hoping it was TOM that made me stall but in my last round TOM didn't make stall at all. I actually started VLCD with TOM and i loss just fine. So i dont know what this is. Its weird because on my second loading day i loss 1.6 but now on VLCD i'm not losing much! Today i will drop the cardio and see how that works out
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  7. VLCD 2 only .4 loss

    Hello HCG world
    Today is day 2 and i only had a .4 loss but i know why. I had the wrong proportions of eggs. For breakfast i had 2 egg whites and 1 whole, and for dinner i also had 2 egg whites and 1 whole. So i think it was the fat from the yolk that made me not lose as much. Now i know its 3 whites and 1 whole. Other than that i completely followed protocol and had about a gallon of water. I've also noticed that i dont have alot of hunger. Today i will completely follow protocol.
  8. Started my Mini Round!

    Hello HCG World!
    Today is the start of my 20 day mini round and this time i'm actually using real HCG. Last time i was just using amino acids. I don't know why i didn't use real HCG the first time. I didn't do my research enough and brought whatever i first saw! But i did do my research on this website actually and got some real HCG at a good price! Its from Nutri-Dyn and it was 25 dollars total. It also came to me in one day, so that was a plus.

    With my last round i lost ...
  9. 9 day stall figured out..i think

    Hello HCG World
    Its been a while since i have posted a blog because there has been no good news. My weight has been up and down for the last 9 days But i think i figured out how to break the stall. For the 9 days i have been doing insanity but i didnt think it could effect my losses. Yesterday i decided not to do it and i loss 0.8! Who would of known exercise was the culprit. My weight is at 178.2 and i want to be down to the 60's before august 22 so i might do a small mini round after ...
  10. 2 Week Update:) with pics!

    R1P2VLCD1: 190.4
    R1P2VLCD2: 188.4 (-2.0)!!
    R1P2VLCD3: 187.2 (-1.2)
    R1P2VLCD4: 186.6 (-.6)
    R1P2VLCD5: 185.2 (-1.4)
    R1P2VLCD6: 184.2 (-1.0)
    R1P2VLCD7 183.0 (-1.2)
    R1P2VLCD8 182.8 (-.2)
    R1P2VLCD9 180.8 (-2.0)
    R1P2VLCD10 179.6 (-1.2)
    R1P2VLCD11 180.0 (+.4)
    R1P2VLCD12 178.4 (-1.6)
    R1P2VLCD13 177.2 (-1.2)
    R1P2VLCD14 177.6 (+.4)
    R1P2VLCD15 178.0 (+.4)
    Hello ...

    Updated July 15th, 2013 at 09:07 AM by MsMinnesota2012

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