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My HCG 40 Day Journey

Finally hit my goal! The 60's

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Hello HCG World!
I finally hit the 60 range! this is the goal that i set in July. I have officially lost 21.2 pounds. It feels great. My current weight is 169.2 but i would be really happy if i finished in the low 60's. I have 8 more days left of P2 so idk but ill sure try! I can't wait to go back to college with the newer me! My friends haven't seen me in 3 months so i hope they notice a difference! Do you think people will notice a difference? I was at my heaviest at the end of college. I ended at 197 pounds then loss 7 by just eating healthier and not eating the cafeteria food. I didn't even know i lost that 7 pounds! Then i started HCG and lost 21 pounds so that makes a total of 28 pounds. I feel accomplished and i am excited to continue a more healthy lifestyle.

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Congrats! And I think your friends will notice. I lost 25 lbs. but 2 pant sizes and most all of my friends noticed and commented. Just think how confident you will feel going in to the fall. I wish you much success in P3 and P4!
  2. holly042013's Avatar
    Congrats to you!!! I am almost at 160 and I cant wait.
  3. Octobergurll's Avatar
    Congrats. My goal is 170. I'm at a lil stall right now but I'm happy for you. I'm trying to get where you at and you just showed me that if you stick with it you'll get there.
  4. Lenac12's Avatar