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My HCG 40 Day Journey

Stacy you were right! 1.2 loss today

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Hello HCG World!
I was recommended to take out my cardio exercise by LovelyStacy5456 and it worked.
I loss 1.2 today! I will no longer be doing the cardio. I'm kinda mad at myself because i could of realized this earlier and could be losing more . But never late than never!
Also, one of my coworkers noticed that i have loss weight! This is exactly what i wanted and it gives me the motivation to keep going
Thanks Stacy!

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  1. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    That's awesome!! Congrats girl!!

    I believe that you can pick up the cardio during P3. So for now, enjoy and relax.
  2. LovelyStacy5456's Avatar
    What??? I get an entire blog shutout?
    Yay me!!
    & Yay you!!
    You live & you learn.
    You're doing awesome!!!

    As far as you Mrs. Butterfly1012. You're statement of being able to do cardio during P3 is actually unfortunately false. Weight loss should not be the objective during phase 3. Phase 3 is about re-setting the hypothalamus, so that we NEVER have to regain the weight. & the only way that happens is through STABILIZATION. Maintaining gives you the ability to become more aware of your body, and what increases your gains and losses. You will see what you can eat and what you need to stay away from. If you fail to follow the protocol during P3 you will most likely gain weight when you begin adding back other foods in Phase 4. Be careful, wait until P4 before either of you bring back the cardio & good luck!
  3. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    My bad!! I meant to put P4. Thanks for the correct Stacy!!