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Emotional Eating.... Any advice?

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This is my second time, day 3 of Phase 2 and I'm already worried about my strength to get through this deal. I have found it a crazy, scary and unpredictable journey going into this diet realizing the emotions that I have tied to food. Now, comes the time to figure out what to do when the stress hits and I want to run to a glass of vino or something sweet and full of wonderfully fatty sugar and carbs?!?!?!?!

Oddly enough, the last time I tried HCG i got over a week into it, lost 13 lbs then ran in the other direction wanting to reward myself but finding the food I ran too made me feel gross and terrible.

Anyone out there have a similar journey?

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  1. Kiwi Girl's Avatar
    This is my 2nd time on the protocol after putting weight back on. Last time I did it through a clinic this time I am winging it on my own. I discovered this time how obsessed I had become with food. I had to get through a bit of feeling hungry for the first 4 - 5 days this time, but knew I would come right once the full effect of the hCg kicked in, which it did. This is definetly a pyhcological barrier that you can push through. When you start feeling like that do something other than going to the cupboard - read a book, go for a walk, ring a friend, just distract your mind onto a different path you will pass through this and one day you will find you don't obsess about food any more. You are detoxing and part of that process involves emotions. Muscle holds emotional memory as much as it does injury, so be aware that some challenging emotions will probably surface, acknowledge them, take a look at them, and make a discovery, understand yourself a bit more and then move on. You may have some feeling yucky days as well while you detox, just take them in your stride. The further through the protocol you go the less the cravings will be and at the end you will wonder why you ever wanted to shove all that crap into your mouth! YOU CAN DO THIS.
  2. curvygirl63's Avatar
    You will definitely experience some unfamiliar emotions or self-talk once you start to see changes in your weight. The best thing to do is be prepared - at least have all the foods you need on this protocol ready.
  3. Msmrnd's Avatar
    You ladies are so right. I just downloaded Weightloss Apocalypse and what a life saver!!! Highly recommend it.
  4. We should be proud's Avatar
    Thanks Kiwi girl for your advice. And MsmRND for shearing. I am on a very desirable weight but I still struggle with food when I feel frustrated or simply bored. Our relationship with food is much more complicated that we think so, and we easy can turn to food for comfort or to get our mind out of our real emotions. I found teraphy very imporant on my learning process.

    We can do this!!