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Bac water?

Hair Loss/ Hair Care Talk

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I have lost more hair than weight! and i used 125 IU lost and gained back now i cant seem to get back on track. My hair is still falling out, cant get it right. PS: hAS anyone bought HCG from ***** online? or ******?

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Updated April 19th, 2016 at 09:33 PM by DrJenn



  1. GingerGypsy's Avatar
    Hi there. You might do a search on the forums for "hair loss" but here the low down. Losing hair is due to something that happened several months ago. There is nothing really you can do about it (short of getting a prescription from the doctor) that will stop the loss immediately. Even if you start a prescription today, it's going to take a while to "fix" it.

    But don't despair! There are options. I take a supplement of Biotin every day, which I get at Walmart. The one I buy is 10,000 mcg. I take two every day. You can also go to a hair dresser and get advice on potential hair products to use, or go to a Sally Beauty Supply store and ask them for recommendations on products to help with hair thinning/loss.

    I lost a lot of hair my first round, and started the Biotin, and mine eventually grew back - but it took months to get better. Just don't expect immediate results.

    I have ordered from ****** in the past. This last time I ordered from **** as they had better prices this time around. Both are good companies and the turnaround time was pretty good. Best of luck to you!
    Updated April 19th, 2016 at 09:34 PM by DrJenn