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Ready to get back to my old self.

Roman was always a liar! *le gasp*

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On Aug. 1st I had a doctor appointment check in for my anxiety issues (yesh I take xanax for panic attacks) so I hopped on the scale and it read 154lbs.

Needless to say horror music instantly played in my head. Yeah like in that scene in that movie Psycho with the scream and everything.

I swear Roman could feel a disturbance in the force at that point. I had weighed myself before I left the time I do every morning, urine-free. Roman told me 144. Nothing alarming there.

My clothes are heavy yes. I wore some heavy black cargo shorts with my heavy coin ridden wallet inside and a phone, belt, a hat, shirt, jacket...shoes etc... **** adds up XD but... TEN POUNDS?! No freaking way man!


Something is seriously ****ed here.

I had to do the math. So I came home and weighed myself with all my clothes on. Roman gave me 150.

4lbs difference!?


That's not a table I'm flipping.... it's Roman! Apparently he's old. 6 years old. I guess it's elderly abuse to an extent X) But he sabotaged me from the beginning!

4lbs. This means I was 174 to begin with. Not 170. (****! I'm gonna have to edit my blog entries! >.<) That's what I get for being too cheap to buy my own. >.< But I did go out that day and got a new one for $20.

I shall call him Roman jr. n___n Roman Sr. Will be severely missed though. He had a good run.

Fast forward to today! Today I am ACCURATELY 143. (143.2 to be exact and fancy)

So far 31lbs lost over 59 days of P2. Negate the 13 days of stalls for me when they happened. So 31lbs lost in the 46 days of actively losing weight with all my rogue eating XD (Ultra rogue ninja power: Yes I love my P2 cottage cheesecake/ice cream with sliced a sliced strawberry on top *drool*)

This has been awesome so far. I'm starting to see my ab muscles again hello bonus!

I've noticed with my livestrong weight tracker as I'm nearing my goal weight the losses are slower. I'm now like losing like 3 pounds per average of like 7-10 days. So like every 2-3 days I lose a pound.

I'll take what I can get though I love my progress so far. I'm still motivated still kicking in high gear. I'm definitely going to take a picture when I hit my goal. Once I hit 130 and P3 I'm going to combine Jillian Micheal's 30day shred (which WILL kill me) along with some Intermittent Fasting to see even better results. I wanna be slim but I also wanna be toned too.

Not a skinny flabby looking flab-meister. XD

My sister comes home from military training in 10 days. She gonna be like o.O;;

Today is taco salad day. So yummy.

The P2 cream of broccoli and chicken soup I made yesterday was insanely yummy. I wanted to try something new. It definitely hit the spot. But no way I could consume all 2 cups o.o just split it in half and had some a bit later. Plugged it in my livestrong myplate page and two cups is less than 200calories so I had a salad with it and some homemade hcg modified italian dressing. I have to make sure I'm getting all my calories too yunno XD.

Anyways: 13lbs left. FOR REAL THIS TIME. lol!

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