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Vlcd: 26 189.2!!!

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Yay! In the 180s! Everyone at work is complimenting me, saying how good I look!

I have lost a total of 20 pounds so far!!!! Truth be told, I am probably already at Day 40 or close to it, but because I had two bad cheats it took me a while to get into the 180s.

My goal is 180 so 9 pounds to go, but I am actually getting greedy to be in the 170s. My height is 5' 7". I am watching the biggest loser on TV and it is very inspiring. But even when the gals get into the 180s, they look good -- normal -- but also a bit chubby.

I know I should be 160 really. I cheated badly on cookies, frosting, bread and mayonnaise twice -- yes I know, isn't that terrible. But it didn't seem to have that weird an effect. Both times I just stalled. If I went right back on the diet the next day, the weight loss started again.

I would kiss Dr. Simmons if I could meet him! This is the best diet yet. Even better, all the gals at work are asking me how I did it (having seen me struggled through winter for the last 4 years) and now they are all trying

Ha ha, as I write this, my automatic spell check wanted to change HCG into HOG. No more HOG, baby! I feel svelte and slim and great. I've been exercising, too, that helps.

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  1. akdani's Avatar
    Congrat's isn't that a great feeling?
  2. pookster's Avatar
    Welcome to the 180's but not for long.. the 170's are fab! As you know I am 5'7 as well..Been hanging out at 175 and might head into P2 again to get that normal BMI which for us puts us at 159..yeesh..I cant even imagine how that must feel.. can you?
  3. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Way to go and keep it up! You can get there!