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Vlcd 28: 186.2

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I ate portions of protein over 100 grams (about 120) and a delish red leaf lettuce salad -- a lot more than a cup for both lunch and dinner. Went to Penzey's spices yesterday and got some great spices for my salads. I think in future I am going to really use a lot of spices, to replace fattier dressings.
Got a great mixed spice that is actually CRUNCHY, and that takes away my cravings for croutons.

My goal weight is 180 and I started this thing in early February. I am getting greedier, and I want to end up in the 170s for my lowest weight.

Pookster, I do agree with you. I think 160 might be a better weight for me at 5 foot 7. As great as it feels to be this thin, I can still see quite a bit of flab on my back and belly. So I may P3 for a while then cycle back into P2 in May.

I FEEL SO GOOD! Thank you for ALL your encouragement, ladies and gents. I am thrilled for ALL of you for trying this diet, and I want to commend you all on being brave enough to "try again". I thought this was a fad diet -- was I ever wrong!

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  1. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    My BMI is now 29.1 which officially moves me from the obese category to the overweight category! LOVING IT!
  2. Texasyaya's Avatar
    You are doing great!