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I just cheated "big" ... what do I do now?

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Day 38 on phase 2 (VLCD) down 25 pounds. I just cheated big time! What do I do. Stop the hcg now, or keep doing hgc for two days as planned & then 3 days of VLCD and onto maintenance.

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  1. TheJaguar76's Avatar
    If I was you I would just keep going until your round is up..you could lose any extra lbs that you gained by then..
  2. mwaterfear's Avatar
    Thanks ... I'll do the hcg for another day, then start maintenance. This is my first round so, I wasn't sure what to do.
  3. TheJaguar76's Avatar
    Yeah, just keep on going ...always keep on going. You will find that on the boards said over and over again..Plus, its best to finish the round and not end it early unless you are only doing a certain amount of days. Grammy often talks about that.

    Here's to your first round!!
  4. mwaterfear's Avatar
    This is crazy! I'm up 6 pounds (I expected 2 or 3) and my abdomen is soooo painfully bloated. If anyone reads this and wants to cheat ... DON'T DO IT!!!! ... A sandwich & chips just aren't worth it. I'm drinking lots of water, and staying on phase 2 longer than 40 days ... until this 6 pounds is off.
  5. Feisty's Avatar
    Seriously with that kind of gain I'd say you had a definite sensitivity to something... Soooo when you do shed it and move forward into phases 3 and 4, make sure you are very cautions about adding things in slowly. Consider it a good wake up call. The good news is it will come off.. Lots of water and clean eating.
  6. mwaterfear's Avatar
    thanks for the input & encouragement it's greatly appreciated. Sensitivity ... that's for sure. It must have been the bread. God please don't let it be "best foods." I'll be very carefull in 3 & 4 ... then back to 2 again ... a few times. Today is full of water, fish & one tomato. Woohoo It will come off!
  7. mwaterfear's Avatar
    Woohoo! Drinking tons of water ... Down 3 pounds ... 3 more to go ... then I'm back to where I was Friday. My abdomen has gone down a little
    too. Does anyone know how to determine what foods you have a sensitivity to????