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Excited about P3

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EXCITED! ... Down 28.5 lbs. I start round P3 this saturday. I'm going to celebrate by shaving my legs with "real" shaving cream.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Got a chuckle from me. O, the little things in life we take for granted, huh? Wow, down 28.5 lbs. Mind sharing how long your round was? That's fantastic! Way to go. Will be joining p3ers myself, very soon.
  2. mwaterfear's Avatar
    I really never realized all those little things I take for granted. Today is day 44. I had a BIG cheat last week & gained 6 lbs! Sooo I decided to do a couple extra days to get it off. Next treat is a facial. I hate to say "good luck" because I know luck, has nothing to do with it ... soooo good job. Will see in P3 soon.