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Round 2: Going Rogue

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OK so I didn't want to do a second round at all, and I stabilized well in P3 after my first round at 110.2 which was 1lb under LDW. However, I had trouble over Christmas in that I went home from Uni (which was WONDERFUL) but it put me back in a very restrictive mindset so I was only eating around about a P2 level of calories...usually about 300-500 and a LOT of junk...to the point where I ended up almost full on binging for a couple of days and my weight went up to 115.2! That may not seem that bad to many, but it full on freaked me out!

I'm now back at Uni (sad face) and started P2 on my first day back using Rx Sublingual which I mixed myself. I've just started VLCD6 and I've lost 4lbs so far and am now at 111.2 which is great progress.

I will admit that last round I did drink Diet Pepsi Max which was not to protocol (especially since it was sweetened with aspartame) and used cyclamate to sweeten my coffee (although I have since cut the sweetener because of the dangers associated with cyclamate). I also ate eggs pretty much every day and I know eggs are on protocol but I don't think you're meant to eat them as often as I did! So I wasn't totally per protocol, although I did stick rigidly to protocol for my first VLCD week in round 1 and cautiously introduced those modifications from the second week.

This round, however, because I don't have as much to lose, I'm willing to be a bit more rogue/experimental with my food choices and to be honest I think that is going to really help me. So far, non-protocol foods that I've been OK with are: cauliflower, gherkins, diet sodas sweetened with sucralose, and my FAVOURITE drink which is hot cherry squash (this is a UK thing...I don't know if there is a US equivalent...but it's basically a highly concentrated juice drink that you dilute with water...maybe similar to crystal lite but it's in liquid form). I plan on trying out tuna in water, broccoli, mushrooms, and need to try brussels sprouts again because I'm not sure if they caused my gain on VLCD3. I have also been mixing veggies a little as I have a habit to snack on gherkins and cauliflower.

I have also been eating more than I did on first round. Why make myself miserable by sticking to 300 calories a day when I can eat up to 500! And so far, all things considered, my losses have been much better than they were on round 1.

I guess that paragraph really shows what hCG has done for me and that is to change my attitude towards eating. I used to be scared to death of food and eating. Now, I don't have that fear any more and am comfortable with eating which is an AMAZING achievement for me. Now I just need to make it stick in P3 and beyond this time and not freak out/panic. In P3 I want to establish exactly what my maintenance calories are and then I look forward to actually stopping counting all together.

Fingers crossed I can do this!

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  1. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Curious as to how this turns out for you....I had read that hcg is for those that don't have a 'normal' bmi. This is because the hcg gets rid of the 'extra fat', and at a normal bmi, you don't have any extra. I've set my goal for 136 which is 'normal' for my height, but could drop another 20lbs and still be in that category. How tall are you?
  2. mysterywhitegirl's Avatar
    Hey there,

    I must admit I didn't lose so much weight towards the end of my first round...found it really slow going from 115lbs down to 110 lbs but I did a 55 day round so immunity is likely I reckon.

    I lost fairly steadily throughout my first round. I started out at about 130lbs and got down to 111.4 (LDW) in 55 days so, although I lost, it was much slower than would be expected and I think this was because of the fact that I am already at a normal BMI.

    I chose to do hCG predominantly because I have completely wrecked my metabolism with restrictive anorexia and bulimia over the last few years so for me, whilst I did want to lose weight, I am mainly concerned with resetting my metabolism and establishing a normal, healthy eating pattern. Also, because of the damage I had done to my metabolism, I was totally unable to lose weight no matter how much I exercised or how little I ate.

    So...my conclusions are that it does work for normal BMI (even with a normal BMI, you can still have some extra fat to lose I think) but it just takes a lot longer I think.

    I'm 5'4" by the way but with a large frame and hourglass shape so I kinda look like I weigh much more than I do!

    Good luck meeting your goals! This diet is amazing as I'm sure you have found and I am sure you will be successful
    Updated January 22nd, 2012 at 02:00 PM by mysterywhitegirl