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Day 10 and still no Hcg

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Still waiting on my Hcg. Getting really antsy. I did however get my lab results back for my thyroid and I'm on the low end of everything. Hoping my Dr will up the Armour dosage considering I'm only on 60mg. right now. Left her a message so we'll see.

Our house is in the ending stages of being built. Electrical guy was out today finishing up his work. I'm assuming he put the fans up for us. At least I'm hoping.

Trying my best to keep myself occupied packing and out of the kitchen eating. I don't want to gain anymore weight prior to starting the protocol. I weighed out a weeks worth of food today so I'm ready to go when it arrives. This is taking sooo long!
Maybe tomorrow the tracking on the Hcg will change. It's been stagnant for 5 days now.

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