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Vlcd 2

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Well today was remarkably better than yesterday.

I stripped down this morning, took a deep breath and stepped on the scale to view my reward from the previous day. -4 Wait let me say that again. I LOST FOUR POUNDS!! Ya, pretty darn sweet. I couldn't even do that on Atkins for a week. Still no withdraw headaches and very pleased with that. It's hard keeping up with a 20 month old all day when you're not feeling well. I took my dose down to 110 and my hunger was much easier to deal with. Not sure what my dosage will be tomorrow just yet. Waiting to see what the evening brings.

I actually ate lunch at lunch time instead of at 10:30 am. I've been eating some yummy chicken and celery soup but it's already getting old. I'm not one to go rogue either so I'm hoping that I can tolerate what's on the protocol the length of this round.

Just out of curiosity I used a ketone strip and it showed up with a small trace of ketones. Interesting. Nice to visually see besides the scale that I'm burning fat.

My husband and I went for a 20 minute walk this afternoon in hopes of getting our little guy to take a nap. No go. Stinker. I wonder if that walk will help or work against me.

Well that's it for today I think. And thanks for the follow. It's nice to have company. :-)

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