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Vlcd 3

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Today resembled yesterday with just a slightly reduced hunger. Not sure if maybe because I ate an apple for breakfast helped but things were better today.

I caved and had a burger wrapped in lettuce for lunch. Mmmmm... it was so good. I made it on the George Forman grill since my husband failed to fill the "extra" propane tank we have. That was a nice surprise when trying to grill today. You might think that having to use the foreman isn't a big deal but let me tell ya, it is. We're about to move and I had to find the box that contained the grill. Wasn't easy. I'm hoping that the beef won't slow me down. Fingers crossed. I used 90/10 beef and cooked it very well done then pressed on the grill to release more juices/fat. Delicious!

I've been taking supplements and medicine and that didn't seem to effect the scales so far. Currently I'm taking B12 complex shots every 3 days, soft gel 10,000iu Vitamin D once a week, Robaxin (muscle relaxer for my back), armour thyroid, magnesium citrate, potassium and biotin.

My cravings have subsided. I'm usually a bread nut but I could have cared less about not having a bun for my "burger" today. Again, so yummy! High in calories though. What is bothering me is cooking meals multiple times a day for my family. It always smells so good. It's hard cooking and not being able to taste test the food for flavor or texture.

I lost another 1.2 pounds from yesterday. Absolutely amazing. I'm on day 3 and down 5.2 pounds! That's motivation to keep on truck'n.

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