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The waiting game...

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Still waiting on my Hcg. This stuff can't get here fast enough. I don't want to go anywhere. I don't want my husband to touch me. My fat jeans are digging into me and I can't breathe. I've tried every diet and can't lose weight. I am one that tells everyone I'm on a diet to keep myself accountable only to look like a big FAT FAILURE! I can't even muster up the courage to tell anyone I know about the Hcg for fear of whispers about my failure.
I could lose weight just fine before this stupid thyroid decided to poo on me after my pregnancy last year. Every time I need my meds adjusted I gain 10 pounds. I've lost the SAME 10 pounds 8 times now!! No blood involved, I can't sweat anymore but there's certainly been plenty of tears. I'm shocked I keep finding the strength to keep trying.
I want to hit my husband every time he says he needs to lose weight while trying to pinch fat on his stomach. It would be like me trying to pinch fat on my shin. And him thinking he's fat makes me wonder what he thinks secretly about how over weight I am now.
I need this to work. My marriage needs this to work. Come on Hcg! Get in my mailbox and then in my belly! Ha!

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