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  1. P2 Recipe - Chinese Chicken Cabbage Rolls

    I absolutely am in LOVE with this recipe. I could eat this a few times a week regardless of what phase I'm in and be quite content. Note though that coconut aminos is not p2, but it's a nice alternative to Braggs liquid aminos which has soy and can cause gains/stalls with some folks. I haven't had a problem with coconut aminos though. You can always substitute ACV if you want to stay completely OP.

    Chinese Chicken Cabbage Rolls
    3.5 oz. chicken breast
    1 tsp. fresh ginger ...
  2. Round 2 P2 - After Planned Interruption - FTW!!! No prisoners!

    Took a ten day PI in the middle of my P2 round. My first round, I lost about 26 lbs. Second round was kind of a bust - lots of cheats, but the PI helped me get my head back in the game and just DO THIS RIGHT! On intermountain hhcg pellets this time, tried those before with success, I think my drops I had in the beginning of p2 didn't work..not sure exactly what was up. This forum keeps me going. Love the Lovely Losers thread and the losers on there immensley!

    GOAL for the rest of ...
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