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Almond Flour Pancakes

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Almond Flour Pancakes

1 c. almond flour
1/4 t. salt
1/4 t. baking soda
4 large eggs
1-2 packets stevia or other sweetner
* I used 1/3 c. of xylitol, plus a dropperful of vanilla cream stevia
1 T. vanilla

Combine flour, salt and soda in large bowl. In smaller bowl, whisk eggs, sugar and vanilla. Add wet mixture to dry mixture. Mix well. Spray griddle with cooking spray or use butter. Pancakes are more delicate with almond flour so flip with caution! Makes about 15 small pancakes. Making them smaller helps with flipping them successfully.

*For denser pancakes use 1-2 less eggs. Originally, I double the recipe all except the eggs and made some denser, and still delicious pancakes. DO what works best for YOU.
*Add blueberries, bananas (P4), or other fruit. Or you can put a bit of cinnamon in the batter.
*Use SF syrup, homemade blueberry syrup (crushed blueberries and stevia), and/or homemade whipped cream.
*Put extras in a ziploc and freeze. Put them in toaster or microwave to reheat. Yummy!

*Word of Caution: If you do fine with almonds and eggs, you should be able to eat a couple of these pancakes and do fine. If you have not tried almonds and eggs in P3, I would try those first and make sure you don't have gain/allergic issues. Start with 1-2 SMALL pancakes your first time. If you do okay, you can add to that. Personally, I'm FULL after having 2 small pancakes. Also, just to be on the safer side, I only have almond flour baked goods like 3-4 times per week just so to avoid any adverse effects of having it my system EVERY single day. I don't know if it would be a bad thing...just trying not to become TOO dependent on almond flour. Oh...it's so good though!

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  1. aliyah7's Avatar
    Thanks for the recipe. I wanted to make some today. They sound so delicious. I am on P3 Day 10. This will be my first time using almonds (but not eggs), so I will try to take it easy.

    Also, do you know the Nutritional info? I could do this myself if not.

    Thanks again.
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