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finally below

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I FINALLY made it below 200 lbs! Hooray! i am still creeping along but i am just happy to be below 200.

this week has been good, the bf and I are almost to day 20 which means we are almost half done! very exciting! The people at work make fun of me for this diet, but i think its just because they don't know any better. If you have never been on hcg before or known someone who has gotten results, it might sound a little crazy, but once everything is done they will be wanting some of their own

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  1. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    Hey, need2lose, we are in a similar boat. I am just bellow 200, I like how you said, creeping....that is so true. But it's so wonderful to be finally below 200 again!
    I don't tell nobody about it, because I know people won't understand. They will start to point out health risks, etc. I have yet to meet somebody with any serious negative side effects on this diet.
    I am just starting Round 1, ph1 today. My big day. Feel very ready and amazing. Having salmon for breakfast with red peppers and coco oil.
    Do you take any supplements while on this diet.
    I take b12, ca/mg, vit C, multivitamin. That is all I have for now, later I will get some CLA, cayenne, ch. polinicotinate, maybe probiotic. We will see.
    See you around! Any tips for me?
  2. need2lose's Avatar
    Sorry it is taking me so long to reply...i still havent figured out how to get notifications! Yea people are always judgemental about it. So were you loading those days? I just started taking a complete multi-vitamin and metamucil. So far so good! The tips I have for you is not to cheat its not worth it, and also to try different vegetables and try to have different things. The first time i did the diet i had the same thing every day. It made it a lot more difficult, this round I have tried lots of different vegetables and it has been a lot easier, how are things going for you now? Your through your first week correct? It should be a lot easier now