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Slightly Frustrated Vegetarian....

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So this morning is my day 5 on the VLCD and I've only been losing .4 lbs per day and .5 in around certain areas of my body. Is this normal for a Vegetarian? I eat 1 whole egg and two egg whites for lunch and 113g of Tilapia for Dinner. Spinach is my choice Veggie and Orange is my choice Fruit. I Usually make a smoothie around lunch time with Half an orange and 1 tbs plain unsweetened whey powder to enhance my protein intake..should I stop that and just make it with the orange, water, and stevia?? I've cut out the melba toast/Grissini...eating them only made me want more lol....

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  1. Jaimi's Avatar
    I know that I do not do very well with oranges, you may want to switch your fruit and see if that helps. Also I discovered Jay Robb shakes for when I don't want to eat any meat to get my protein. They are really good but pricey. I get my at Smiths out here in Vegas for $25 there is enough in the pouch to make 10 shakes. They may help you with your protien. Good luck...
  2. nelygirl's Avatar
    Thank you for your advice...I was considering maybe the oranges might be the culprit...I think I'm going to switch to apples this week and see how I do =)